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International Potato Center (CIP) and Scientific Research Center of Agriculture (SRCA) are pleased to invite you to the first potato festival in Georgia, which will be organized on 24th of December at Hotel Biltmor at 10:30. Please, find agenda attached: Agenda for the potato festival CIP – SRCA

Documentary film – “Select the best and harvest more” will be premiered during the potato festival. As well as, degustation of 30 introduced varieties received from Peru.

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Monitoring results of the television broadcast of the animation – Select the Best” on TV program “Agro News” showed high number of viewers.

The video had been broadcasted in 4 TV programs.

Links here:

Agro NewsProgram 1 (7th Season)


Agro NewsProgram 2 (7th Season)

Agro NewsProgram 3 (7th Season)


Agro NewsProgram 4 (7th Season)



  1. Select the Best” – Video had been broadcasted in the TV program “Agro News”. The program is broadcasted by about 30 regional spot televisions.  TV – 81 broadcasts, Radio – 24 Total 105 broadcasts during each week. The video had been playing during whole month in the television – total 450 broadcasts. (needs to be mentioned: this is the minimal number and some regional medias repeat programs several times during the weak. In some cases, number of broadcasts reaches 100


Results of the monitoring of “TMI LCC” showed good results of media coverage – Organization in Georgia – “Tri Media Intelligence” counts and represents viewers of regional televisions in big cities of Georgia using calculators (Where the population is above 40 thousand).

TV program “Agro News” is broadcasted in about 30 regional TV and Radio broadcasts. Here is the data of 7 Televisions (Rioni, Odishi, TV 25, Dia, Guria, TOK TV, Imervizia). The number of viewers reached 79 771 thousand by these televisions.

During whole month program was broadcasted 259 times only by this televisions.


In reality the number is much higher, because potentional auditory of the regional media is about 1 600 000 people. And, above mentioned data includes only 7 Televisions from 30.